Rehabilitation services
Rehabilitation services


The association is keen to provide the children with high level comprehensive care services that commensurate with international standards. Those services include different aspect of treatment, education and rehabilitation for children, in addition to rehabilitation, social, psychological, entertaining programs. The services of the association are divided as the following:

First: Medical treatment services:

The association is providing assessments, diagnosis, treatments and other rehabilitation services in the medical department through multiple units (reception, consulting clinics, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, dental clinics, orthotics).

Through those units there are treatments programs such as:

 Therasuit program:

it's one of the physical therapy programs that aims to strengthen the muscles and movement of the child.

EIP early intervention program:  

This program is allocated for children below 3 years, it focuses on the parents and introduce them to their child case and shows them how to handle it and provide them with home programs


Intensive rehabilitation program:

this program for children above 3 years for 6-8 weeks after assessment the child receive the suitable services and the parents are trained on how to handle their child case.

Sensory integration:

this program for children with sensory disorder, after assessing the child by specialist a treatment plan is set to increase or decreased the sensory in the child to help him/her accept the surrounding environment.

Social services:

the social services department is helping families in need after studying their case.


Second: Educational services:

The association is providing educational services for children according to their age:

  1. Early childhood   2- pre-school   3- elementary

The education department include units that develop the skills of the children and facilitate their integration with the society.

Through those units there are educational programs such as:

Integration program:

it's one of the important programs the association provide in coordination with ministry of education. The program is about integrating disabled children in public schools, nurseries, intellectual institutes after they finish the association programs.

Children program:

the program is about teaching the child how to use some tools that he/she needs daily, it also includes training him/her on latest educational technologies.

Supported program:

such as: al-Quran – Computer – Art – Trips – Library.


Third: Training:

Training provided for workers who work with disabled children such as : interns , universities members in the care and rehabilitation field, ministry of education members such as special education teachers and any entities members who work with children with disabilities.


Parents awareness program:

the association is providing rising awareness program for families inside and outside the association. Mothers in intensive programs also receive those programs.