Our Vision

The Vision:

Performing Deeds that are beneficial to our children with disability and their families that guarantees a decent satisfactory life that meets their expectations.


The Mission:

Providing highly professional medical, rehabilitative and educational services that commensurate with international prestigious standards.


The Values:

     There are a group of values that organize our work, regulates the practices and set the general frame work that we are adhering to, which are the following:

  • High Transparency: adhere to all regulations, systems and processes that govern the association activities.
  • Integrity: it's a shared quality between the association leaders and workers by protecting the public money and benefits away from the self-interest.
  • Justice & Equality: fits all children with disability and merge them into the society in different aspects and provide them with rehabilitation and work opportunities without any discrimination.
  • Equal Opportunity: the association management is keen to distributes entitlements and projects and implantation of programs equally to serve the children with disabilities.  
  • Community Participation: Being an active role in society, and assisting them to develop.
  • Education & Rehabilitation: provides extraordinary educational services that’s improve the performance of the children and develop their abilities.
  • Collaboration: work together as one team from management to the workers.


The Rights of the association children:

  • Provide them with exceptional rehabilitation and education services.
  • Work with the parents on caring the child.
  •  Highlight their activities in positive way.
  • Minimizing the difficulties, they face in rehab.
  • Provide them with required tools and means.
  • Integrate them with their peers and the society.
  • reminding them they are part of society in all aspects.


Our obligations to the supporters:

  • use their support in providing rehabilitation services and lead them to right path.
  • Provide them with all information about our work.
  • Committed to the word we gave them.
  • Consulate them and ask their opinion.
  • Share their financial support through the media.
  • Honor them.
  • Keep in touch with them.
  • Honor their special initiates.


Our obligations to the society:

  • Reminds them the importance of collaboration as our religion urge.
  • Increase the awareness of the causes of disabilities and how to avoid those causes and how to deal with people who have disabilities.
  • Increase the spirit of social responsibilities between the individuals and entities to share the children responsibilities with us.