Our Establishment
Our Establishment


The idea of establishing an entity care about disabled children in Riyadh came with the increase interest from the government about the disability case, integrating the disabled children into the society and reduce the impact on their families. The needs of establishing programs that studies the cases, analyze and determine the issues they face to give them a suitable solution for them to be raised.  The establishment idea came from Dr.Gazi Alqosiabi – minister of industry and electricity -; it faced many challenges until it become as it is now, many accomplishments and expansions all around the country. The idea had been supported by king Salman bin Abdulaziz –back then when he was the prince of Riyadh - and the past king Khaled bin Abdulaziz at 1398H 1978 who had the initial approval.

On 1402H Dr.Gazi, file a request no. 103 to king Fahad bin Abdulaziz – the crown prince back then – to ask his support and approval for implementing the project. The king Fahad approved and supported with 40 million SAR to support the disabled children and to provide best level of services.

            The government supported the projects in many ways one of them when king Salman bin Abdulaziz- the head of albr charity association and the association of Islamic charity back then- allowed the project to be run through the offices of two associations until they had their headquarters. The official letter was sent with the names of the two associations.

            On 20 sha'aban, 1402 the ministry of work and social affairs approved on establish the association as social institution, which consider as huge step that gave the project professionality and independence that it needs.

The decision from the minister of work and social affairs include caring of sever intellectual cases in Riyadh as social institution no.49 according to the second item of association and social institution low.

The board council formed on 1 muharram 1403 chaired by Dr. Gazi Algosibi and his deputy alshiak Suliamn bin Saleh Alolian and the following members: dr. Abdulrahman Abdulaziz Alsuilam , Dr. Abdullah Alhamdan, Dr. Fahad Alabduljabar , Dr. Taj Aldeen amen , Eng. Tareq Alshwaf , Mr. Fuhaied Fahad Alshareef – first secretary general in the association- and Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim Alhilwa.